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There are seven species of marine or sea turtles in the world . Of them , five are found in India’s coastal waters : the Olive Ridley , the Hawksbill , the Green Sea . Turtle , the Loggerhead and the Leatherback . Compared to most tortoises , sea turtles are huge . Even the smallest species , the Olive Ridley , weighs up to 35 kg when fully grown . The largest of them all , the Leatherback , grows to a length of 2.2m and each could weigh as much as 700 kg.

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Mithali lives in Hyderabad . I was interested to learn that her mother tongue is Tamil . I felt very proud that she has been widely recognised and acknowledged . She was the highest run scorer in Women’s International Cricket and the only woman cricketer to surpass the 6,000 – run mark in ODIS . Mithali is the first player to score seven consecutive 50s . In fact , she is nicknamed ” Tendulkar of Indian women’s cricket ” as she is presently the all – time leading run scorer for India in all formats , including Tests , ODIS and T20s . I would love to quote what Mithali had to say about this compliment .

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A pack of wild dogs catching the scent of boar in the wind came to the spot where he had lain . They sniffed the circle that was rich with the smell of the animal . They whined and snarled and dug at the smell as if digging the elusive boar himself out of the ground . Finally , realising that there was no dinner to be found there , they departed , their noses and tails high in the air . And in doing so , they left the hole a little bigger and wider than they had found it . ” And then what happened ? ” you will ask . ” Do other animals come along too ? ” They do indeed , my child . I told you the hole had a story to tell.

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The village was filled with excitement . Everyone was up early to go to the Eidgah . The boys were more excited than the others . They had been talking about it all the time . Finally the day had come . And now they were impatient . They were taking their treasure out of their pockets , counting and recounting it before putting it back . Mahmood counted ” One , two , ten , twelve ” – he had twelve coins . Mohsin had ” One , two , three , eight , nine , fifteen ” coins . With this money , they would buy countless things : toys , sweets , paper pipes , rubber balls and much more .

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The days of Knights and Squires , of exciting adventures and romances come alive in the hilarious account of Don Quixote’s travels . As years passed , Don Quixote imagines himself placed in the world of knights . He convinces Sancho Panza , a peasant from the same village , to be his squire . And together they set out to seek their fortune , Don Quixote eager to be the best chivalrous knight . This delightful story of chivalry is all fun and pleasure , laughter and excitement , farce and suspense . 

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Neerja Bhanhot – Life Neerja Bhanot was born on 7 September 1963 , in Chandigarh , Punjab , India , to Rama Bhanot and Harish Bhanot , a Mumbai – based journalist . She was the couple’s third child , a much longed – for daughter after two sons , Akhil and Aneesh . Neerja attended Chandigarh’s Sacred Heart School till she was in the 6th standard , after which her family moved to Mumbai . There she attended Bombay Scottish School and went on to graduate from St. Xavier’s College .

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Chakravarti Rajagopalachari ( 1878-1972 ) 40 informally called Rajaji , was an Indian politician , independence activist , lawyer , writer , historian and statesman . Rajagopalachari was born in the village of Thorapalli in the Krishnagiri district . Rajagopalachari was the last Governor – General of India , as India soon became a Republic in 1950. Furthermore , he was the first Indian – born governor – general , since before him the posts were held by British nationals . He also served as leader of the Indian National Congress , Premier of the Madras Presidency , Governor of West Bengal , Minister for Home Affairs of the Indian Union and Chief Minister of Madras state . He was one of the first recipients of India’s highest civilian award , the Bharat Ratna .

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I was then studying in the New English School , Mumbai . But my brother Ajit knew that compared to other schools in Mumbai , Shardashram Vidhyamandir where Ramakant Achrekar Sir was the cricket coach , gave due importance to the game of cricket . He ran summer camps too . Ajit , one day , took me to the camp to get trained under Sir . Anyone could come for a trial at the camp ; but then , it was up to Sir to decide who to accept . I was eleven . years old then . Achrekar Sir , as I refer to him , started playing cricket at the age of eleven in 1943 , which is the age I was when I went to him for the first time .

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He stepped slowly out to the brink of the ledge , and , standing on one leg with the other leg hidden under his wing , he closed one eye , then the other , and pretended to be falling asleep . Still , they took no notice of him . He saw his two brothers and his sister lying on the plateau dozing , with their heads sunk into their necks . His father was preening the feathers on his white back . Only his mother was looking at him .

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