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Top 5 Best Joomla! Books for Beginners and Advanced Users

Joomla Explained, the official step by step guideJoomla! – as a content management system – is so complicated and overwhelming when you first log-on that most give-up.  It has thousands of features and can be extended far beyond that of WordPress. These are some of the reasons why we don’t even use it. However; if you decide to run anything but a content site, you’ll need to use it. There are plenty of helpful articles on Joomla! but they’re often wordy and complicated in themselves. Sometimes the best thing to do is to read an organized book full of knowledge that you can understand. Having the pages in front of you helps out a lot – we get it. So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of Joomla! help books, their descriptions, and some commentary as well for absolute beginners and for more advanced users. We would like to point out that due to the new Joomla! update to 1.7, we’ve had to make sure that the listings below are up-to-date as well.

Update for 1.7

1. Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide

The book will show people that they can build and manage a Joomla! 1.6 or 1.7 website without a technical background. Starting with an introduction to Joomla and how to install it, the book details how to add content, control users, make links and then add extra features to a Joomla! site. The book simplifies things to avoid difficult tasks that are unnecessary for beginners to understand. Written in plain English, the tutorial offers clear instructions, simple explanations, real-life examples, plenty of screenshots and humor. The book is aimed at busy people who want to understand Joomla in a fun, readable and straightforward way.

This isn’t just number one because ‘step-by-step’ is in the title; it’s also because it explains how to do just about everything you’d want to. Using this guide beats troubleshooting and clicking around any day. It is clear and concise – just what we’re looking for.

Joomla! 1.6

It is very important to know what version of Joomla! that you have. When installing it, you are given a choice between 1.6 and 1.7. Version 1.6 is old and will likely no longer be supported in the future. It’s okay to have it now, but you should consider downloading 1.7 if it’s your first installation. Upgrading later can be damaging and painful (incompatibilities).

2. The Official Joomla! Book

The Official Joomla! Book is the authoritative and comprehensive Joomla! reference for every administrator, developer, designer, and content manager. Distilling the unsurpassed experience of two long-time Joomla! contributors, it teaches exactly what you need to know, through practical example sites and crystal-clear explanations. If you’re new to Joomla!, you’ll learn how to quickly create usable, effective sites. If you’re an experienced Joomla! user, you’ll learn how to make your sites more flexible, feature-rich, visually attractive, and useful. And whether new or experienced, you’ll learn how Joomla! really works, so you can fully leverage its power whenever you’re ready. You’ll also get to know the Joomla! community by hearing from twelve community members through in-depth interviews, and you’ll learn how to participate in the Joomla! project in ways that make sense for you. This book covers:

  • Plan sites effectively before you start building them
  • Create production sites quickly while avoiding common mistakes
  • Install and configure Joomla! for maximum efficiency
  • Create and edit content for your Joomla! site
  • Customize and work with Joomla! templates
  • Work with extensions: components, modules, plugins, and languages
  • Efficiently administer Joomla! sites
  • Participate in the Joomla! community as a user and contributor

3. Joomla! For Dummies

No matter your skill level, this easy-to-understand resource demonstrates how to drop preconfigured modules that already contain PHP and MySQL code directly into your Joomla! site. Thanks to the Dummies fun and friendly approach, you’ll quickly see how easy to create a rich, interactive Web site with Joomla! It demonstrates how to create a business site—complete with shopping cart—quickly and easily and it walks you through developing Web sites with discussions, RSS feeds, picture submissions, and more. It includes coverage of the newest version of Joomla!, explains its completely new administrative features, and reviews its ability to provide different levels of access to different users via much-requested access control lists. As with all ‘Dummies’ books – and this one is no different – they are meant for beginners and that’s it. The product description is enticing but for intermediate users and up there are limit on what this book can do for you.

4. Joomla! 1.6: A User’s Guide: Building a Successful Joomla! 

If you want to build sophisticated websites that can be easily edited and updated, you need to master Joomla. This easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide to Joomla is for every site manager, administrator, and developer. Leading Joomla consultant and author Barrie North covers all you need to get results: installation, administration, site organization, template development, content updates, and a whole lot more. You’ll find tips, tricks, and troubleshooting solutions, as well as three start-to-finish case studies. Case studies are often a good source for experience and inspiration. This book starts with the simplest design and system concepts, and builds your expertise step-by-step. You’ll rapidly master Joomla’s power, even if you have no content management, scripting, or CSS expertise. Experienced with Joomla? You’ll turn to this book constantly for its authoritative, plain-English, example-rich Joomla 1.6 reference content. This guide includes:

  • Understand content management, what Joomla does, and how its components fit together
  • Build Joomla sites from scratch and systematically customize them to your needs
  • Create modern, pure CSS Joomla 1.6 templates using popular grid frameworks
  • Use Joomla 1.6’s nested categories to organize content and articles
  • Create dynamic pages and effective navigation
  • Work with Joomla modules and components
  • Learn how to optimize your Joomla sites for search engines
  • Follow three start-to-finish case studies: building a school website, a small business site, and a blog
  • Identify the most valuable Joomla extensions and add-ons: find them and use them

5. Picture Yourself Building a Web Site with Joomla! 1.6: Step-by-Step Instruction for Creating a High Quality, Professional-Looking Site

This book is written using simple step-by-step instructions and includes full-color pictures so you can follow along easily while creating your own Website. You’ll learn how to create and edit a commercial-quality Website with control panels and content managers, integrate advanced components and specialized modules, edit articles with a built-in text editor, upload pictures, add additional templates for customized pages, and more. This maybe last but it’s still in the top 5. It’s got good reviews and it’s worth a look at. Our honest opinion is that most of these books share all the same information; the only difference is the way that information is displayed. See other top books and software in our Top-Lists category.

All Joomla! Books…